RR Groups

What is the purpose of RR Groups?

To provide community and space for people to grow in discipleship and knowledge of the Gospel

Who is welcome into RR Groups?

Anyone. A person does not have to be an attender or member of Restoration Road to attend a RR Group. These groups are both for those who call Restoration Road family and those who are exploring the idea of Faith in God.

What is the format of an RR Group?

RR Groups will be sermon based, community cultivating, and aimed at helping people spiritually mature. 

The practical format is…

  • Meal
  • Sermon discussion
  • Soul Care
  • Prayer
  • Twice a year Each RR Group will be asked to serve the community together in project of the group’s choice.

RR Group (Tuesday)

This group meets every Tuesday night at 6pm at the church. If you are interested in joining contact Pastor Joie at joie@restorationroadchurch.org

RR Group (Sunday)

This groups meets the first Sunday of every month at the church at 11:30 am. If you would like to visit or join this group contact Pastor Joie at joie@restorationroadchurch.org