Our Leadership

  • Joie Thomson- Lead Pastor

    Joie and his wife Natalie live in Wakefield with there two daughters Talia and Kiera. He has a deep love for the local church, a passion to see people's lives restored by the Gospel, and a vision for church planting. 

  • Dave Colburn- Pastor

    Dave and his wife Sarah live in Peabody with there four children Jacqueline, Kyleigh, Hannah, and Thomas. He loves to see the community of Christ function as a family, serve each other with genuine love, and grow in maturity, holiness, and grace. 

Our Values

   Gospel. Family.



Central to all of the christian life is the Gospel. What God has done in sending his Son to take on human flesh, die on the cross for our sins, and rise again affirming the truth of the Gospel, is everything to us as a church. It shapes our identity, our worship, our preaching,  and the way we love each other and our neighbors. 


The Gospel does not end with the salvation of the individual but with the salvation of a people. This is why family is huge for us at Restoration Road. We have been given a new family that has the blood of Jesus flowing through its veins. We push back on isolation and we commit to community. We believe that God uses His family to show off His love to the world and to provide for us a place to love and be loved. 


God’s mission is to restore people to himself. We get wrapped up in that mission the day we start following Jesus. It is God who compels us to share the message of the Gospel in our locale. He sends us into broken places to bring restoration through the Gospel. This is not a solo mission but a community endeavor. We believe that God’s mission is accomplished through the local church.